How a Media Converter Can Help Your Life?

Have you ever heard of a device called the media converter?

No, it is not some app on your phone that will help you turn your FLV media into mp3 – this one is a little more complicated than that.

The media converter is a device related to broadband and cable tv accessories and it basically turns fiber optic signal into copper and vice versa. Now, you might be think what is the point of that anyway?

Well, that is because you do not really understand the application of the device. Here we are going to help you with that a little bit, so that you realize it’s importance!

Helps You Have a Longer Range on Your Ethernet Cable

If you need longer range on your ethernet cable, then you can make things easier with the help of a media converter. With the help of copper wire and optic fiber conversion, the range can be extended a lot more at a far more effective cost.

This is one of the most important uses of the media converter and can go a long way in making a difference to your connectivity.

Converting the LAN Network

The average home gets it’s internet from the Local Area Connection, which is a fiber optic system and if some wants to channel it around through Wi-Fi or more than one system, it can become expensive to buy a optical fiber router.

Cable Internet Accessories

Here, the media converter comes to your rescue and you can in fact cut your costs down by converting the fiber optic signal into a copper one. That way, you shall never have to buy a more expensive router than is necessary to do the job well.

Still think the media converter is an unnecessary cable tv accessories online purchase?

Protecting Your Appliances From Lightning

It is no secret that your outdoor security camera is more susceptible to lightning and since your other appliances are connected to it, things can go horribly wrong. However, with the help of two media converters, you can turn things around.
Firstly, you need to connect your security camera to the media converter and change it to fiber optic signal. Then connect the fiber optic cable to another media converter and rewire the signal back to copper.

This way, when the lightning starts, it will not ruin your other appliances and make a huge loss.

Now that you know what a great impact a media converter can make in your life, what are you still waiting for? Get online now and buy a media converter at the best rates!

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