PLC SPLITTER 1*32 (Type B : With Connector)


Product Detail

PLC SPLITTER Type: 1*32 (With Connector) Quality Type: B *Required in Cable TV and Broadband **Available with One-Time Replacement.

Port Configuration Fiber Type Device type Fiber Length Input Connector Output Connector
102=1*2 0=250um 40*4*4mm 05=0.5m 0=N0ne 0=N0ne
104=1*4 2=2.0mm 50*4*4mm 10=1.0m 1=FC/UPC 1=FC/UPC
108=1*8 3=3.0mm 50*4*7mm 1.5=1.5m 1=FC/APC 1=FC/APC
116=1*16 9=0.9mm 60*4*12mm 2.0=2.0m 3=SC/UPC 3=SC/UPC
132=1*32 Transparent 80*6*20mm ……. 4=SC/APC 4=SC/APC
164=1*64 8=0.9mm white 100*6*40mm 5=LC/UPC 5=LC/UPC
202=2*2 6=LC/APC 6=LC/APC

Features Benefits

  • Full range from 1×2 to 1×64 PLC Splitters
  • Solutions for all type of FTTH applications
  • All type of typical fibre protection 250µm, 900µm and 2mm
  • Easy implementation in closures and distribution boxes
  • Pre- connectorized with SC and LC connectors (PC and APC)
  • ITU.T G.657A2 fibre
  • Fits all FTTH network specifications
  • Low bend radius(>7,5mm) and compatible to ITU.G652.D
  • Standard compliance ITU-T G.671, IEC 61753, Telcordia GR-1209/1221, RoHS 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EU
  • Product Code: PLC-1*32-B-LSZH-6401_Retail
  • Brand: UEPL
  • Sold By: UEPL

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