FTTH Node 2 Port (With Power and WDM)

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Product Detail

1. Product Summary

FTTH Node is a mini in-door optical receiver with WDM that especially design for FTTP/FTTH application. High performance, low receiver optical power and lower cost is FTTH solution best selection for MSO. WDM integrated for 1550nm video signal and 1490nm /1310nm data signal in one fiber. Reflection 1490nm/1310nm for connecting ONT device. They are very suitable for PON and TV system

2. Performance Characteristics

1 GHz operating bandwidt

Lower input optical range:-3~-18dBm

output level is greater than 70dBuV (@-15dBm power input);

wide optical power input range -18~-1dBm;

Low power consumption<1.0W;

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