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SNP-S1127D signal level meter is mainly used for analog and digital television network construction and maintenance. With the Spectrum and Channel Scan function, you can easily diagnose and analyze the network fault to ensure the normal operation of the network. It is more suitable for the measurement of digital-analog-mixed network.

SNP-S1127D has the functions as following: Tilt, C/N, Voltage, V/A, Channel Scan, Spectrum Scan, File Storage and so on.

SNP-1127D has the strong settings function, including: Contrast, Backlight Off Time, Shutdown Time, Volume, Level Unit, Plan Selection, Plan Edition, Plan Creation, Probe Compensation, Amendment, Reset.

This device can measure the average power of the DVB-C digital signal accurately for both installation and maintenance of HFC system. It can measure and display main parameters in the HFC network (channel power, MER, BER), signal level on any frequency, etc.

Support 16/32/64/128/256/ ITU-T J.83 A


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